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Announcing the Rasmussen College Professional Achievement Grant

Rasmussen College is excited to offer the Professional Achievement Grant to UPS 3 employees! This grant is your chance to start or resume your education with no out-of-pocket expense.

Still wishing you could get that degree? Let us help you achieve the dream.

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Participating Programs

What courses can I take?

The following flexible, all-online programs are eligible for the Professional Achievement Grant. That means this offer includes programs within the Schools of Business, Technology, Education, Health Sciences, Nursing, Justice Studies and Design.

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  • 7 areas of study

  • 42 programs

Grant Coverage

What expenses are covered?

Some jobs just offer a paycheck; yours offers an education. Between UPS’ tuition reimbursement and the Professional Achievement Grant, the cost of qualified online programs is covered up to 100%! 2

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  • up to 100% coverage on qualified programs


Do I qualify?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to start, finish or advance your education. Learn about eligibility qualifications by going to

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  • Day 1 Eligible

  • Business

    Business Programs

    • Accounting
      • Certificate | Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Business
      • Certificate
    • Business Management
      • Associate's | Bachelor's (General or optional specializations in Business Intelligence, IT Project Management or Logistics and Operations)
    • Finance
      • Bachelor's
    • Healthcare Management
      • Bachelor's (General or optional specialization in Public Health)
    • HR and Organizational Leadership
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Marketing
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
      • Master's
    • Supply Chain and Logistics Management
      • Bachelor's
  • Design

    Design Programs

    • Animation and Motion Graphics
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Graphic Design
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Web Programming
      • Associate's
    • Web and Interactive Design
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
  • Education

    Education Programs

    • Child Development
      • Associate's
    • Early Childhood Education
      • Certificate | Diploma | Associate's
    • ECE Leadership
      • Bachelor's
    • ECE Leadership – Child Development
      • Bachelor's
    • Special Needs
      • Associate's
  • Health Sciences

    Health Sciences Programs

    • Health and Wellness
      • Bachelor's
    • Health Information Management
      • Bachelor's
    • Health Information Technician
      • Associate's
    • Healthcare
      • Associate's
    • Healthcare Management
      • Bachelor's
    • Human Services
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Master of Healthcare Administration
      • Master's
    • Master of Public Health
      • Master's
    • Medical Administrative Assistant
      • Certificate
    • Medical Billing and Coding
      • Certificate
    • Pharmacy Technician
      • Certificate
  • Justice Studies

    Justice Studies Programs

    • Criminal Justice
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Paralegal
      • Certificate | Associate's
  • Nursing

    Nursing Programs

    • RN to BSN [Must be a Licensed RN]
      • Bachelor's
    • Master of Science in Nursing
      • Master's | MSN Healthcare Technology, Simulation and Informatics Specialization | MSN Nursing Education Specialization | MSN Nursing Leadership and Admin Specialization
  • Technology

    Technology Programs

    • Computer Science
      • Bachelor's
    • Cyber Security
      • Bachelor's
    • Data Analytics – Bachelor Completer
      • Bachelor's
    • Data Analytics – Traditional Bachelor’s
      • Bachelor's
    • Information Technology
      • Associate's
    • Information Technology Management
      • Bachelor's
    • Network Systems Administration
      • Associate's
    • Software Application Development
      • Associate's
    • Web and Interactive Design
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Web Programming
      • Associate's


What's the next step?

It all starts with completing the form. A Rasmussen admissions advisor can then answer your questions and walk you through the application process.

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By requesting information, I authorize Rasmussen College to contact me by email, phone or text message at the number provided. There is no obligation to enroll.

  1. Professional Achievement Grant Terms and Conditions

    Rasmussen College offers the Professional Achievement Grant (PAG) to students selected and sponsored by a participating Employer. The PAG program is funded by both the Employer and Rasmussen College. This grant is intended to help students avoid educational loan debt by funding a recipient’s direct education-related costs. Direct education-related costs include tuition for all eligible courses (limited to two repeated courses), Course Technology and Resource Fee (per course), book fees, and Administrative fees. If a student chooses to order course materials directly, the student will be responsible to pay the price and shipping costs. As such, the Professional Achievement Grant is only available as a primary payment option.

    Students who choose to participate in the PAG program are not able to receive funding from the federal or state student financial aid programs (such as Pell Grant and Direct Loans); this is a condition of participation in the PAG program. The choice to participate in the PAG program is optional and students are always able to apply for federal student financial aid to determine their eligibility for these programs in lieu of participating in the PAG program. Students may apply for federal student financial aid before they agree to this condition or at any point during their enrollment and must complete the Net Price Calculator to receive an estimate of their federal student aid eligibility as part of the PAG application process and Rasmussen College will assist with these application processes.  However, the choice to receive federal student financial aid will result in the student becoming ineligible for the PAG.  As such, the student would then be responsible for any and all charges incurred for future courses outside the PAG.

    Please note the PAG is not retroactive to current or prior enrollments.  Eligibility is determined through completion of the employer web form. Participating students agree to authorize Rasmussen College to release employer-required academic and enrollment information to the Employer.

    Students will become ineligible for the PAG if they receive more than two (2) allowances (defined as any course that is not eligible for reimbursement through the Employer’s policies, including any unsuccessful grades of “F,” “WF,” “W,” or below a “C-” for courses) during their program of study or if they violate policies as outlined in the Rasmussen College Catalog. Students must also abide by all applicable Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards. Students are expected to understand, meet, and abide by any Employer requirements in order to continue to receive PAG benefits. Rasmussen College or the Employer may remove a student from the PAG at any time. If the student becomes ineligible for the PAG for any reason, the student can either pay cash or seek other funding sources to pay tuition and fee expenses, including federal student financial aid programs.

    All required PAG forms (detailed below) must be completed, submitted, and approved prior to application for each new participating student. In addition, the PAG Waiver and Disclosure Form and Net Price Calculator Results must be re-submitted every twelve months to continue participation. The PAG benefits continue as long as:

    (1) The student continues to meet the employer’s eligibility requirements,

    (2) The student has not completed their degree (continuation to a new program will require a new application), and

    (3) The student does not elect to discontinue participation in the PAG program.

    Students must send all required forms to their assigned Academic Advisor for verification at least seven days prior to the start of classes for each applicable 12 month period.

    • Documentation required for the Professional Achievement Grant:
      • Professional Achievement Grant Disclosure and Waiver (must be completed annually);
      • Student Professional Achievement Grant Acknowledgement;
      • Student Finance Agreement indicating Professional Achievement Grant
      • Net Price Calculator Results, including the Shopping Sheet and Data Summary (must be completed annually).
      • Professional Achievement Grant Student Payment Authorization (if applicable).
  2. See Rasmussen College course catalog for transfer policies.
  3. In order to qualify for the 10% discount, all admission requirements must be completed, and enrolling students must provide proof of employment by submitting an actual or faxed copy of their proof of employment. Students cannot receive both corporate and military discounts. For additional details visit:
  4. Students enrolled in the Data Analytics Bachelor's degree program and RN to BSN Entrance Option program are not eligible for discounts.
  1. For all degree levels, you must earn a “B” grade or higher for 100% reimbursement. For undergraduate programs, a “C” grade qualifies for 50% of tuition reimbursement. For Master's level degrees, there is no reimbursement for grades of "C" or below.

  2. Terms and conditions apply, 100% coverage is subject to employer policies and the student meeting all terms and conditions of the Rasmussen College Professional Achievement Grant. Program availability varies by state and campus. Federal, local and state taxes may apply.

  3. UPS, the UPS brandmark and the color brown as trademarks of the United Parcel Service of America, Inc. and are used with permission of the owner. All rights reserved. 

  4. Students who enroll by March 30th, 2021, for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program starting classes by April 5th, 2021, are eligible for the tuition rate of $155 per credit. 
    Tuition will increase to $360 per credit for students who start in July 2021, and later. Students must maintain continuous enrollment to remain eligible for the tuition pricing of $155 per credit. 
    A student who withdraws and re-enrolls will be required to pay the tuition price offered at the time of their re-enrollment. 
    Students who receive the tuition price of $155 per credit cannot use any additional discount, grants and/or scholarships. 
    If a student needs to retake one or more courses in the degree program, the total cost of the program will exceed $10,000. 
    Program cost breakdown: $7,440 in tuition + $2,460 in fees = $9,900 in program cost.
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