The best time to go to school is when you save up to 10–20%.

Your employer may be working with Rasmussen University to offer special benefits that can make furthering your education easier while you’re working. This is your chance to advance your credentials with an institution known for its innovative, student-focused programs and a lifelong support. 3 We'll help you with every step toward your goals.

You could be eligible for a Corporate Grant for up to 10%–20% savings on tuition on select programs. And the savings doesn’t stop there. You can combine your tuition grant with our Start Strong Tuition Savings to save up to an additional $6,000 on your tuition and fees.*

Plus, there’s never been a better time to earn your online Master’s degree at a cost of under $10,000. 6 Choose from the lowest-cost suite of Master’s programs in America: 7 Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Nursing, Healthcare Administration or Public Health.

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Classes and costs designed for working students.

We know our students juggle busy lives, so we offer scheduling options: fully online, as well as evening, weekend and weekday classes. Because it’s about learning on your schedule—no matter how full that schedule can be.

Empowered Learning™

A majority of our online Bachelor's and Master's degree courses are built through Empowered Learning™, which puts you in the driver's seat of your education and allows you to:

  • Access online courses anytime, anywhere
  • Go faster when you can, and slower when you need to
  • Create real-world projects that demonstrate your new knowledge
  • Learn at your pace while staying connected with faculty and peers

Knowledge Credit™

You bring valuable knowledge and experience to your education, and you should get credit for every step you've taken so far. You can save time and money with Knowledge Credit™:

  • Transfer in college-level credit
  • Take self-directed assessments to show you don't need to take a specific course
  • Gain credit for professional certifications that align with your program

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  • 67% maximum credit transfer

Financial Benefits

Make your degree more affordable.

Save up to 20% on tuition on select programs, up to an additional $6,000 with our Start Strong Tuition Savings and explore other financial solutions designed to help you advance your education. 4 2

Master’s Degree for Under $10,000

Earning your online Master’s degree for under $10,000 6 through one of our convenient, career-focused programs can give you the skills and knowledge to step up as a leader in your field. No GRE/GMAT requirements and no application fees make it easy to get started.

Tuition Assistance Programs

Ask your employer if you’re eligible for tuition reimbursement. And take advantage of our flexible, deferred payment options to minimize unnecessary student loans and finance charges.

Financial Aid Support

Your admissions advisor can walk you through each step of the process to make financial aid as simple as possible for those who qualify.

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  • up to 20% tuition grant

  • up to $6K savings on tuition and fees

  • under $10K Master’s degree programs

Support Benefits

There's always help close by.

Our suite of Student Support Services means you always have someone to turn to for help. 

Comprehensive Support

Student support services mean when you need assistance, we’re there. With tech help, tutors, and library and learning assistance—you name it.

Experienced Faculty

Instructors with industry experience mean you gain career skills and digital fluency relevant in the marketplace today.

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  • 24/7 personal support center

  • Business

    Business Programs

    • Accounting
      • Certificate | Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Business Management
      • Associate's | Bachelor's (General or optional specializations in Business Intelligence, IT Project Management or Logistics and Operations)
    • Finance
      • Bachelor's
    • Healthcare Management
      • Bachelor's (General or optional specialization in Public Health)
    • HR and Organizational Leadership
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Master of Human Resources Management
      • Master's
    • Marketing
      • Associate's | Bachelor's (specializing in Digital Marketing or Sales Management)
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
      • Master's
    • Supply Chain and Logistics Management
      • Bachelor's
  • Design

    Design Programs

    • Graphic Design
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
  • Education

    Education Programs

    • Early Childhood Education
      • Certificate | Diploma | Associate's
    • Child Development
      • Associate's
    • ECE Leadership
      • Bachelor's
    • ECE Leadership – Child Development
      • Bachelor's
    • Special Needs
      • Associate's
  • Health Sciences

    Health Sciences Programs

    • Health and Wellness
      • Bachelor's
    • Health Information Management
      • Bachelor's
    • Health Information Technician
      • Associate's
    • Health Sciences
      • Associate's
    • Healthcare
      • Associate's
    • Healthcare Administration
      • Master's
    • Healthcare Management
      • Bachelor's
    • Human Services
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Master of Public Health
      • Master's
    • Medical Administrative Assistant
      • Certificate
    • Medical Assisting
      • Diploma
    • Medical Billing and Coding
      • Certificate
    • Medical Lab Technician
      • Associate's
    • Pharmacy Technician
      • Certificate
    • Physical Therapist Assistant
      • Associate's
    • Radiologic Technology
      • Associate's
    • Surgical Technologist
      • Associate's
  • Justice Studies

    Justice Studies Programs

    • Criminal Justice
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Human Services
      • Bachelor's
    • Law Enforcement
      • Associate's
    • Law Enforcement Academic
      • Certificate
    • Paralegal
      • Certificate | Associate's
  • Nursing

    Nursing Programs

    • BSN Second Degree Entrance Option
      • Bachelor's
    • BSN Standard Entrance Option
      • Bachelor's
    • Practical Nursing - LPN
      • Diploma
    • LPN to RN Bridge
      • Associate's | Bachelor's
    • Professional Nursing (ADN)
      • Associate's
    • RN to BSN Entrance Option [Must be a Licensed RN]
      • Bachelor's
    • Master of Science in Nursing
      • Master's | MSN Healthcare Technology, Simulation and Informatics Specialization | MSN Nursing Education Specialization | MSN Nursing Leadership and Admin Specialization
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
      • Doctoral | DNP Executive Leadership | DNP Public Health and Policy
  • Technology

    Technology Programs

    • Computer Science
      • Bachelor's
    • Cyber Security
      • Certificate | Bachelor's
    • Data Analytics – Bachelor Completer
      • Bachelor's
    • Information Technology
      • Associate's
    • Information Technology Management
      • Bachelor's
    • IT Support
      • Certificate
    • IT Project Management
      • Certificate
    • Network Systems Administration
      • Associate's
    • Network Support
      • Certificate
    • Software Application Development
      • Associate's


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  1. See Rasmussen University course catalog for transfer policies.

  2. In order to qualify for the grant, all admission requirements must be completed, and enrolling students must provide proof of employment. Students cannot receive both corporate and military grants. For additional details, visit:

  3. Program availability varies by state and campus. Federal, local and state taxes may apply.

    • The savings claims referenced here represent the total amount of tuition and fees saved by successfully completing self-directed assessment attempts at no charge, in lieu of completing the faculty-led equivalent courses at standard tuition and fee rates.
      • i.e., “up to $6,000” is based on 5 successful assessments replacing 5, 4-credit hour courses @$260/credit hour.
        • $5,200 in tuition, plus $875 Course Technology and Resource Fees, plus $150 book fees = $6,225.
        • If 3 assessments are completed at no charge, add $198 in cost for the remaining 2, for total savings of $6,027.
      • The Start Strong Tuition Savings is available to students who enroll through the Corporate Channel.
      • All other students pay $99 for each self-directed assessment attempt.
  4. Tuition for this program is $155 per credit.
    • Students must maintain continuous enrollment to remain eligible for the tuition pricing of $155 per credit. A student who withdraws and re-enrolls will be required to pay the tuition price offered at the time of their re-enrollment.
    • If a student needs to retake one or more courses in the degree program, the total cost of the program will exceed $10,000.
    • Program cost breakdown: $7,440 in tuition + $2,460 in fees = $9,900 in program cost.
  5. Tuition for MBA, MHRM, MHA and MSN programs is $155 per credit ($125 per credit for MPH). Students in all programs must maintain continuous enrollment to remain eligible for the tuition pricing of $155/$125 per credit. A student who withdraws and re-enrolls will be required to pay the tuition price offered at the time of their re-enrollment. Students who receive the tuition price of $155/$125 per credit cannot use any additional discounts, grants and/or scholarships. If a student needs to retake one or more courses in the degree program, the total cost of the program will exceed $10,000. Program cost breakdown: $7,440 in tuition + $2,460 in fees = $9,900 in program cost ($7,000 in tuition + $2,870 in fees = $9,870 in program cost for MPH). Program availability varies by campus and state; please see the Rasmussen University Catalog for details.
  6. Low-cost claim based on list of comparable programs at regionally accredited institutions at OnlineU Most Affordable Online Master's Programs, April 2021.
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